Classic / Sprint Mix @ Kenston Campus & Woods | Sunday May 21, 12:00P – 1:30P

Join us for the third time at the beautiful Kenston Campus to run (or walk) classic+sprint courses. The Kenston Campus features a gently sloping terrain, and a nice mix of woods, open campus, grass covered areas, landscaped features, and a full array of buildings, a sports stadium, baseball fields, and more. You get to see all of it on any of the courses.

What does classic+sprint mean?

The course designer has worked hard to design courses that will stimulate your classical orienteering senses, with legs through vegetation and woods, while mixing in short, fast legs in open / built up areas. Each course, regardless of difficulty level (see below) will get a flavor of both. For the GREEN and RED courses, additional elements like butterflies (an orienteering term for a complicated navigational challenge) have been incorporated to keep runners on their toes.

Registration starts at noon, and last starts are at 1:30 PM. (which means, you can start anytime between 12PM and 1:30PM). All participants must be off the courses by 4PM.

As a bonus, this event has been registered with World Orienteering Day 2017, which means we are participating in a global effort in raising awareness of the sport to others. Learn more about WOD here.


Courses available will range between classic and sprint, mixing campus running with trips into the woods and adjacent fields. You may run more than one course by reusing the maps. A separate WHITE classic course for beginners is always available at our event. (due to the tight campus, a few of the WHITE controls will be used on other courses as well, following best practice in course design)

  • WHITE (classic, on trail, for beginners, about 2km) (2.1km / 12 controls)
  • YELLOW (classic, mostly on and just off trail, for experienced beginners and youth, about 2-3km) (2.4 km, 16 controls)
  • ORANGE (classic + sprint elements, intermediate level orienteer, about 3-4km), with multi-use controls (where one control is used multiple times, often from different directions.) (3.6 km, 20 controls)
  • GREEN (classic + sprint elements, advanced level orienteer, about 4-5km), with butterfly, and multiple direction changes, and multi-use of controls. (4.2 km, 24 controls)
  • RED (classic + sprint elements, advanced level orienteer, about 5-6km), with butterfly, and multiple direction changes, and multi-use of controls. (5.2 km, 28 controls)

Learn more about the different levels, and what they mean, and what skills you should be able to master for each.


There are two ways to register:

  1. On site, at the door, as follows – $5 members, $10 non-members (per map / or team), cash only.
  2. Via KCE’s website, here: (search for ‘orienteering’)

Need membership renewal, or would like to sign up? Pay for 2017 membership here.



Kenston Schools
c/o Timmons Elementary School
9595 E Washington St
Chagrin Falls, OH 44023

Registration is inside the lobby / multi-purpose room at Timmons Elementary School. There is a short flat walk, about 150m, to the start area.

Google Map Link:


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