Race Result / North Chagrin Reservation 1 November 2015


  • Event Directors: Randy Mitchell, Howard Montgomery
  • Course Designer: Stan Rachitskiy
  • Registrar: Kevin Peterca
  • Timers: Matt Johnson & Ken Witalis
  • Control Collectors: Steve Johnson, Todd Pownell, Frank & Wes Mahne, Howard Montgomery

Track: slightly damp. Sky: Azure Blue Temp: low 60s

In short, autumn beauty as far as the eye could see.

It was under these conditions that 53 participants came out and orienteered our final event of the 2015 season. I’m sure that each one of them thought, “This is tough duty, but someone has got to do it.” Because it was just that beautiful a day to be out in the woods. A number of the orienteers commented on being stunned by the number of recreational users on the park’s many trails. We are so fortunate to have the wonderful and accessible Metroparks and Cuyahoga Valley National Park in our proverbial backyard.

Side note before I get to the main recap: Kevin Peterca is a selling machine! The man sold seven or eight 2016 memberships to Sunday’s participants. We NEVER get that kind of day-of-event interest in membership. Most people need to think it over and send in their form to us afterward. But not with Kevin “Just-Sign-Here” Peterca. He closes the deal. It is especially noteworthy when you consider that the value of the membership won’t kick in again until roughly March of next year. WAY TO GO KEVIN!

There were four courses on the day – White, Yellow, Green and Red. Whereas sometimes we omit a Yellow course at some of our events. On this day we omitted an Orange course. And at times during the day, I would have given my kingdom to have had it. The Orange is situated right in the middle between the beginner-level courses on one side and the expert level on the other. It’s absence left people with some hard choices. Do they signal that they are beginners by choosing Yellow or overreach by choosing Green. In many cases pride won. And as Proverbs told us: Pride goeth before the fall.

The Green course was easily the most chosen course on the day. But almost 70% of the participants were “DNF” or “Did Not Finish” either because they could not find all of the controls, ran out of time or ran out of gas. The course was also deceptively long or steep. That was choice orienteers had to make –climb up and down OR go around and add significant distance. One orienteer, Andreas Johansson, estimated that for him the 5.9K course was easily more than 10K. The Red course provided a similar dilemma. But as with all of Stan’s courses one can count on the controls being where they are supposed to be. But expect to be a little more winded that you might have originally thought when you get there.

But DNFs aside, everyone seemed to have fun. Some mumbled about the shape they were in. (I mumbled about that myself when I was picking up control #43) Others came back and commiserated with more seasoned orienteers and discussed the eureka of certain route choices taken as well as the lament others trekked. Some of our long time favorites came out and joined us, Frank and Wes Mahne, Gayle and Tim Burdick. We also had a lot of new or newer faces, which is always very encouraging to us who worry about our sport’s appeal. So all in all, It was a satisfying and fitting final event for 2015.

Thanks to everyone who played a role in making each event happen.

A few special shout outs and special thanks:

  • Hazel Barton for reinvigorating our membership base. Because of her, our membership numbers have climbed in each of the past two years. She also designs a pretty keen Scout patch.
  • Fred Mailey, our e-punch coordinator. But Fred is also just Mr. Everything. He course designs, he is an Orienteering for Beginners Instructor, he designed and led an orienteering activity for Cub Scout day camp, he is a constant control collector and is assisting in mapping.
  • Richard Toth was a volunteering beast this year. It seems that Richard volunteered at half of the activities that we conducted this season.
  • Andreas Johansson has jumped in with new energy and sense of mission around catapulting our sport forward. He redesigned our club website, taught Orienteering for Beginners and is now designing and administering some introductory O’ activities for early in the new year – including a revived course design clinic.

There are always others who should be mentioned. And to you all… THANK YOU!


White Course: 9 controls 1.9 km 100 m
  1 Michael Frazee                 55:33
  2 Burden Family                  81:27
  3 Yisrael Wilks                  89:13
  4 Thomas Boyd                    95:43
  5 Sarah Lombard                  96:36
    Gayle Burdick                  DNF

Yellow Course: 10 controls 3.8 km 100 m
  1 Tim and Lexi Feaser            87:54
  2 Sanae Rosers                   92:50
  3 Wes and Frank Mahne            112:37
  4 David Kulik                    131:50
  5 Hal Weaver                     148:58
  6 Andrew Strobel                 177:15
    Rich Perrenoud                 DNF
    Lois and Dan Wiesbrook         DNF
    Bruce Ferraro                  DNF
    Tim Burdric                    DNF

Green Course: 13 controls 5.9 km 100 m
  1 Zuzana Kiacova                 122:07
  2 Paul Frankman                  126:25
  3 Elizabeth Freiheir             128:02
  4 Andreas Johansson              130:26
  5 Fred Mailey                NEO 139:09
  6 Mark Stypczynski               165:34
    Neil Dolinger                  DNF
    Mark Levey                     DNF
    N2013543 N2013543              DNF
    Laurence Porter                DNF
    Jeff and Alex Perry            DNF
    Alexi Kondratien               DNF
    Jan Smink                      DNF
    Vera Yudovina                  DNF
    Phil WadsWorth                 DNF
    Brandi Napier                  DNF
    Kevin Pererra                  DNF
    Dwight Epling                  DNF

Red Course: 14 controls 7.6 km 100 m
  1 Todd Pownell                   96:59
  2 Randy Mitchell             NEO 106:31
    Stephen Johnson                DNF
    Ivan Redinger              NEO DNF
    Dominic Conte                  DNF


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Sample Map

Here’s the Green Course, re-created in Purple Pen, for review purposes only.

Johansson Green North Chagrin 1NOV2015 ppen

Detailed Split Data

RouteGadget / GPS Tracks & Attack Point

Race Result / Camp Manatoc September 19, 2015

Lots of people came out for this event! We had lots of Scouts (both boys, girls, and Venture Scouts) attend, as well as club regulars. Here are the race results from the various courses, and as always, check this link for more detailed split data.

Here’s the report from the event organizer, Ivan Redinger:

September 19, 2015

Fifteen units of Cub Scouts, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, and Venture Crew members gathered at the Manatoc Scout Reservation on September 19th to spend the day orienteering. Many started their day receiving instructions from NEOOC members Howard Montgomery, Andreas Johansson, Ken Lappin, and Dave Dysle.

Multiple courses for scouts of all skill levels had been designed and set by Tim Feaser and Steve Wells. Registration of nearly 150 scouts, and additional public participants, was deftly handled by Registrar KathyJo Rufener and Starter/Timer Rob Donaldson.

With the weather holding steady, scouts attacked courses all morning, and into the early afternoon. Around 3 p.m., as the courses emptied, control collectors hit the trails, including Fred Mailey, Ken, Howard, Tim, and several participating units. Mother Nature then let go with a deluge that left those volunteers soaked to the bone. Those brave enough to venture out in the torrent to attend the skull session to review the maps and strategies employed earlier in the day, were rewarded with a smorgasbord of delicious pies.

After dinner, the orienteers again gathered for a short score course Night-O, designed and set by Bob Boltz. Just before dusk, Registrar Phil Wadsworth had everyone signed in, so Starter Mark Stypczynski could get the zealous crowd off to a mass start. Timer Ken Lappin awaited them at the finish line.

September 20, 2015

Representatives from 8 units participated in the competitive Championship courses laid out by Course Designer Steve Hendrix. Steve and his crew had done late night duty getting the courses ready for Sunday. His crew of setters included Greg Hendrix, Curtis Hendrix, and volunteer scouts from Troop 504.

Fred Mailey, switching hats once again, served as Registrar, while Steve Hendrix distributed maps to the participants just minutes before they headed over to Starter Ken Lappin. Timer Steve Marsh recorded their returns and tallied the results.

Units used team points accumulated over all three events to bid on useful and fun personal and troop gear. The event patches, and the award plaques for the placers, were designed by Hazel Barton.

2015 badge - submitted draft

It’s not too early to mark your 2016 calendar for Sept. 17 & 18, the next NOSOC weekend, when we’ll all gather again at the Manatoc Scout Reservation to see who can discover fun off the beaten path.

All this, in PDF: NOSOC 2015 EVENT REPORT

Race Results

Race Results from Scout Events: Sunday & Unit Results

White Course - Scouts
  1 GS60544/StephenJohnson                    24
  2 T289/DeadMoose-Rocco,Adrian,Will          41
  3 T122/FlamingArrows                        53
  4 T122/UnknownFlyingSquirrels               56
  5 T330/Wynners-Mike,Jason,Steven            57
  6 P3506                                     64
  7 P11/GooGoo-Spencer,Ryan,John              67
  8 T289/FallingCats-James,Sean,Devin         70
  9 P3451/Bear-Asa,Thomas,Ethan               73
 10 T35/Pirates                               79
 11 T558/GreaseLightning-Ricky,Thomas         88
 12 T558/Adventurers                          90
 13 P11/ChickenWingGuac-Thomas,Mason,Jack     93
 14 T558/Outdoor Chedder                      94
 15 P3451/BLE-Ethan,Liam                      96
 16 P11/DynamicDolphins-Evon,Will,Andrew      97
 17 T35/GrisleySlash-Dominic,Miles            113
 18 GS60544/Boliva                            114
    T558/OutdoorAdventurer/Chedder-Max,Nathan DNF
    P11/DaChzSticks                           DNF

White Course - non-Scouts
  1 Scott Gill                                53
  2 Frazee                                    68
  3 Gil Even                                  77

Yellow Course - Scouts: 10 controls 3.3 km 100 m
  1 T289/Dead Moose-Rocco&Adrian&Will      60:03
  2 T122/UnknownFlyingSquirrels            72:49
  3 T330/Wynners-Mike&Jason&Steven         77:53
  4 T289/Falling Cats-James&Sean&Devin     79:05
  5 GS90233/S & S                          83
  6 P3451/Bears-Zach,Robert                88:11
  7 GS90233/Anna                           95
  8 GS90233/JNE                            95
  9 P3451/Bears/TeamLodi-Nathan&Ben        103:43
 10 T454-Matt&Jack                         110:19
 11 T35/Grisley Slash-Dominic Miles        112:27
 12 GS884/Erin et al.                      122:09
 13 T4008/OldGeezers-Ken,John,Ron          128
 14 GS90233/GBAL-Annika,Grace              160
 15 GS90054/Faith et al.                   175:14
 16 GS60544/Boliva                         201:33
 17 T558/Adventurers                       203
 18 T4008/Batmen-JJ,Casey,Winston          213
    T35/Pirates-Gary&Peter&Max             DNF
    T122/Flaming Arrows                    DNF
    T558/Outdoor Chedder                   DNF
    VC2335                                 DNF

Yellow Course - non-Scouts: 10 controls 3.3 km 100 m
 1 Robert Kish                             120
 2 Pat&Noah&Lilly                          143:38
Orange Course - Scouts: 10 controls 3.8 km 100 m
 1 GS60544/Stephen Johnson         62:43
 2 T289/Old Tarts-Chuck&Steve      190:22

Orange Course - non-Scouts: 10 controls 3.8 km 100 m
  1 Ryan Roppel                    90:24
  2 Howard Montgomery          NEO 91:36
  3 Kai Getrost                    97:30
  4 Jeff Perry                 NEO 134:20
    Dominic Conte                  DNF

Green Course: 10 controls 5.1 km 100 m
  1 Zuzana Kiacova                 75:03
  2 Charlotte Chung            NEO 139:10
  3 Randy Mitchell             NEO 143:46
  4 Eric Marotta               NEO 145:27
  5 Lois Wiesbrook                 203:45
    Andreas Johansson          NEO DNF
    Fred Mailey                NEO DNF
    GS60544/Stephen Johnson        DNF
    Neil Dolinger              NEO DNF
    David Farrier                  DNF

Red Course: 12 controls 6.3 km 100 m
  1 Todd Pownell               NEO 88:06
  2 Bob Boltz                  NEO 90:13
    T4008/DuctTape-Riley&Seth&Ryan DNF

Detailed Split Data

RouteGadget / GPS Tracks

If you ran with a GPS watch, or other tracking device, feel free to add your track to the RouteGadget site for NEOOC. Find it here, or through the menu above under Events > NEOOC RouteGadget

Picture Albums

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Scout Championships 2015 Results (Camp Manatoc)

Here are the results from Scout Championships September 20, 2015. For even more, and all the split data, see this full set of results.

White Course: 11 controls 2.6 km

N2026008 Pirates - DNF (Did Not Finish)

Yellow Course: 16 controls 3.5 km

1 N2026013 SandS - 54:09
 2 N2026011 Rawwww - 57:47
 3 Kenneth Witalis - 68:59
 4 Gold Fish - 89:12
 5 Karen Stecker - 94:43
 6 The Cripples - 96:36
 7 Sean Devin - 98:08
 8 N2013540 Newbie - 120:00
 9 Bruce Larry - 137:44
 10 N2013548 Rocketeers - 167:24

Navy Seals - DNF
 Grizzly Slash - DNF
 N2013547 Phoenix - DNF
 Greese Lightening - DNF
 N2026002 MR - DNF

Orange Course: 16 controls 3.6 km

1 Steve Johnson - 54:52
 2 Highland Hornets - 84:35
 3 David Plentovich - 97:22
 4 Pizza Men - 134:23
 5 Milk Man - 182:30

Race Result / THE PYTHON – A Day for Goats

While the course designer cringed while reviewing a forecast that called for a good chance of thunderstorms, many adventurous souls drove long distances and braved late summer heat to make the first use of our new Kendall map a memorable one. In addition to the ever present beginner course, the day featured three lengths in the goat format. Because there was no intermediate course, some less experienced participants struggled with the advanced level controls, but most had some level of success.

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The rules were simple: A mass start where following is not only allowed, but is actually encouraged. Just before the start, participants were told how many controls they were allowed to skip and are allowed a few seconds to study the map. The longest course was allowed two skips, while the medium and short courses were allowed only one. After a long dry spell, the creeks were either dry or easy to cross.

Participants came from Australia, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Michigan, southern Ohio and the local area. It was interesting to see which controls were skipped on each course. A few didn’t bother to skip any!

Congratulations to 13 year old Aiden Minto from Indianapolis for winning the long course while only skipping one control instead of two!

A big thanks to all the volunteers! Event Director: Matt Muffet / Course Designer and Mapper: Bob Boltz / Registrar: Phil Wadsworth / Starter and Web Designer: Andreas Johansson / E-Punch Guru: Fred Mailey. Control Collectors: Ken Lappin, Andreas Johansson, Randy Mitchell, Todd Pownell & Bob Boltz.

Race Results

Click here to open the PDF, with attached results and analysis.

More Pictures

Race Result / Hinckley Score & Club Picnic August 8, 2015

One of the odd realities of orienteering is that no matter how good someone may be on the course, it can still be hard to find the event venue! Hinckley Ledges Lake seems to consistently have this effect on our members, but fortunately a large contingent of NEOOC ‘buzzards’ successfully found their way to this special event. We heard great reports from them about the orienteering and the course for this beautiful summer day. Conditions were very dry, and the vegetation thick.

Here are the full race results:

Race Result / Boston Run Makeup July 25, 2015

On a spectacularly perfect Saturday morning, 25 participants took part in our first morning orienteering event. This was rescheduled from June 25th due to the deluge that took place at that time. Howard Montgomery created two score courses (a beginner and regular) that provided an interesting challenge for novice and experienced orienteers. Thanks go out to Howard, who also assisted in control collection and to Todd Pownell, who served as our registrar and instructor and was a control collector. Also, thanks to Randy Mitchell and Ivan Redinger, who served as control collectors. One of the highlights of the event occurred on the beginner course, where the Moms Don’t Run team edged out the Mierzvinski team by a minute and 22 seconds.

Read the full report here:

2015.6 Boston Run Makeup 7-25-15 119

Race Result / Oak Hill Twilight-O June 19, 2015

OK, so the format was screwed up and there was mud pretty much everywhere. You can’t say you didn’t have a good time. We started with 28 participants on the course by 6:30 and 28 participants returned by 8:30, which is a good thing. Thank you to Richard for running the registration table and to Holly Wilgus and Andreas Johansson for handling the starting/timing/ map duties.

Read the full report here:

Race Result / Falls Quest June 7, 2015

A big thank you to Neil Dollinger, Randy Mitchell, Michaele MacGeorge, Fran Kern and Phil Nelson for helping with set up, registration, awards and cleanup. The Natatorium also deserves our appreciation for providing us a room at no charge. There were a good number of participants in the free family version exploring the center of town. A number said they had never seen some of the locations visited.

Read the full report here:

Race Result / Quail Hollow May 16, 2015

As always, a thank you to the volunteers. Without our all volunteer crews no orienteering events would happen in Northeast Ohio. A special thank you to Richard Davies, who as a first time course designer and setter, did a fantastic job of providing a challenging and entertaining set of courses on a day that proved perfect for orienteering. Though rained threatened, it never materialized to dampen any one’s “spirit.” Another thank you to Naturalist Connie Michaels, who each year that we have been at Quail Hollow has been a friend of orienteering. Connie oversees the Nature Center that we utilize as our base of operations.

Read the full report here: