Mapping Resources

OCAD – The Industry Standard

This edition is dedicated for orienteering map making. For easier map making the GPS real-time module is added. New features like Layout layer, drawing and editing tools (reshape, interpolate, stairway or multiple point mode etc.) and the DEM module are also included.

Open Orienteering Mapper (OOM)

OpenOrienteering Mapper is an orienteering mapmaking program and provides a free alternative to the existing proprietary solution. Its main advantages compared to it are:

  • Open Source: the program is completely free, every programmer can improve it.
  • Cross-platform: the program works on Android, Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

While it is under continuous development and considered in beta state, it has been used to produce maps for classical orienteering, MTBO and radio orienteering races. All required functions for drawing maps are implemented and the program works very stable. So it can be considered ready for productive use, although it is like always a good idea to keep backups of your files. We are happy about feedback to the program.

GPS Map Notes

The app ‘Map Notes’ simplifies the work to revise orienteering maps by enabling you to make your revision notes directly in the mobile and later import the notes to OCAD.

You need to have GPS Orienteering APP loaded for this to work also (at least the Demo version to Geo-reference the map):

This one outputs a GPX file with embedded notes for point features. It can also send the files to anyone via email if you choose. Unfortunately, it does not allows for tracks or routes to be recorded which would be perfect for trail/road features.  But maybe other apps can do this and then just send them manually.


MyOMaps is an App for Orienteering. It is useful to mappers, course planners, event organizers placing controls in the forest and of course Orienteers for training and competition.

Purple Pen

Purple Pen is course setting software for orienteering. Purple Pen makes it easy to design orienteering courses and their associated control descriptions.

Design your courses visually — directly on any OCAD map. View the course and the control descriptions at the same time, and simply click on the control descriptions to set the correct description for each control. Purple Pen automatically does all the busywork.


QuickRoute is a computer program for Windows that allows you to display a route from a GPS device, such as a GPS-clock, on an orienteering map saved as an image file. The main purpose of QuickRoute is to make it quick and simple to transfer your route from a GPS device onto a map. To run QuickRoute on Mac OS X, a virtualization software like VMware Fusion or Parallels Desktop is required. There is no native Mac OS X version of QuickRoute.


Clue is a Windows-based program that simplifies the task of creating control description sheets for orienteering events.