Results | Classic Orienteering @ Sippo Lake | Sunday May 14

Bob Turanchik, Event Director, reports…

Perfect weather was the backdrop at a beautiful location for our Mother’s Day Classic-O event at Sippo Lake Park in Stark County. A number of Moms came out to enjoy the day. Sanae Rogers and her husband, Chris, celebrated by both volunteering and navigating. Sanae did all this after she spent the previous day and evening on an intercontinental flight. Great job!

Sippo is a great park with excellent facilities and an extremely helpful staff. Trevor Householder and Nick Pfeiffer from the park were great partners in helping us with planning as well as volunteering during the event. Trevor (white course) and Nick (yellow course) were also able to try their hand at navigating. Both logged the fastest times for their courses. Pretty impressive for first time navigators!

There was also some heated competition on the red course, with Todd Pownell coming in first and Andreas Johansson coming in at just over a minute behind Todd. Special thanks to Andreas for setting up video for during the event. Just in case you have missed our rising internet sensation, you can check him out here.

Ivan Redinger did a great job designed five courses with varying degrees of difficulty. We received numerous comments on how well the courses were designed.


We could not have done it without our great team of volunteers:

  • Course Designer & Setter: Ivan Redinger
  • Registrar: Sanae and Chris Rogers
  • Starter: Nick Pfeiffer (Stark Parks)
  • Timer: Trevor Householder (Stark Parks)
  • Control Collectors: Fred Mailey, Bob Boltz, Trevor Householder, Nick Pfeiffer
  • Event Director: Bob Turanchik


NEOOC - Sippo Lake Park - May 14, 2017
Cross Country Courses - All Controls must be visited in order

White Course: 12 controls 2.1 km    Controls Time
  1 Trevor Householder              12       23:57
  2 Lazy Bone                       12       50:36
  3 Zombie Apocalypse               12       92:54
  4 Team Wilgus                      5       39:57

Yellow Course: 11 controls 2.4 km
  1 Nick Pfeiffer                   11       57:44
  2 Team NATCA                      11       57:55
  3 Team McClowry                   11       61:37
  4 Frank Mahne                     11       66:33
  5 Tom Mahon                       11       83:59

Orange Course: 12 controls 4.1 km
  1 Prestige Worldwide              12       100:15
  2 Team Mario                      12       123:15
  3 Team MAMA                        8        91:54

Green Course: 13 controls 4.5 km
  1 Vera Yudovina                   13        69:21
  2 Team Rogers                     13       111:37

Red Course: 16 controls 5.0 km
  1 Todd Pownell                    16       49:04
  2 Andreas Johansson               16       50:47
  3 Bob Boltz                       16       55:27
  4 Rich Perrenoud                  16       69:41
  5 Fred Mailey                     16       78:20
  6 Randy Mitchell                  15       59:25