Race Results / Brecksville Metropark XC / 10 APR 2016


Mark Stypczynski, Event Director, reports:

Well, I promised mud enough for all. In a sense that happened. I did not count on snow, though. That, along with temperatures in the 30’s with a steady wind, made for a memorable day of orienteering at Brecksville for the 47 individuals who participated in this event.

A big thank you to Fred Mailey, who designed and set the courses and stayed throughout the day to provide additional manpower when we needed it. Fred set courses Friday and on Saturday morning and I heard nothing but good about them. Thank you also to Marcia Mauter (greeter), Kathy Jo Rufener (registrar), Dr. John Blakemore (starter), Therese Lemmon (timer), and to the control collectors-Howard Montgomery, Kathy Jo Rufener, Dr. John Blakemore, and Bob Turanchik (a new member!). Thanks also to BSA Troop 610 for their fire starting skills. The fire made the day a bit more comfortable for the volunteers and was appreciated.



BSA Troop 610 Craig Miller Group.     49 minutes
BSA Troop 610 Alex Dionisos Group.    57 minutes
BSA Troop 610 Aidan Balina Group.     59 minutes
Larger Group.                         61 minutes
Tomlinson.                            62 minutes

Yellow Course: 10 controls 3 km
  1 Johnson & Witalis & Lintz      114:18
  2 Dysle and Dobson               118:24
    Wes and Frank Mahne            DNF
    Karen Steckner                 DNF    (did not punch 35)

Orange Course: 14 controls 4.2 km
  1 Hazeltons                      123:21 (splits not available)
  2 Whites                         129:47

Brown Course: 9 controls 3.3 km
  1 Tim Feaser                     76:42
  2 Rich Perrenoud                 106:46
  3 Tom and Jack Loya              124:58

Green Course: 12 controls 4 km
  1 Todd Pownell                   44:41
  2 Phil Wadsworth                 60:53
  3 Freeman                        64:59
  4 Andreas Johansson              68:55
  5 Jeff and Alex Perry            114:11
    J Smink                        DNF    (missed 48)

Red Course: 13 controls 5.1 km
  1 Todd Pownell                   57:08
  2 Randy Mitchell             NEO 62:50
  3 Steve Johnson                  75:30
  4 Bob Turanchik                  87:25
  5 Bagocius                       118:43
  6 Even and Strobel               119:24
    Horrigan Group                 DNF

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  1. Great event had a bunch of fun. Thanks to everyone that makes these events happen. Cheers Phill W

  2. Much thanks to all of you who worked so hard to plan, organize, setup, run, and tear down this event. Son (10), Daughter (8) and I followed the White beginner’s course with another family and we all had a wonderful time on our first orienteering trip! The cold doesn’t hurt once you’re walking and searching for each marker. A great way to spend time together and meet some wonderful folks. We’ll be seeing you again soon! Thank you, Dad.

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