Feedback Requested / Route Choices

From on of our course designers – Tim Feaser would like some feedback on his route choices as designed for the Manatoc event. Here’s his question:

When I attended a training session on course design it was encouraged that each leg be reviewed individually to see if there would be more than one realistic route option.

On the Saturday Manatoc red course I designed a long leg between 5 and 6 where the participant would have to commit to the north or south side of the lake. I attempted to select 2 controls that made either route a choice. Unfortunately not many people ran the red course so did not get much feedback if the design was successful. If you have a few moments could you comment whether you would choose the north or south route and maybe where you think control #6 could be placed to make it a 50-50 proposition.

The Map


Leave your feedback in the comments below. What do you think? Was there an alternative placement for #6 that would have made sense to accomplish the route choice?

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  1. Hi Tim;
    Here is my opinion, since I ran Green and not this Red course. The way control 6 is placed, I would go the north route. Then I would not need to “backtrack” around the end of the lake. Also, since, I typically look for the easier route physically, the north side of the lake looks better because I can follow the trails almost right down to it. There is a lot of “feedback” (little buildings, etc) just to the north of the trail. (I see from the RouteGadget GPS track that both Todd and Bob chose the north route.)

    Perhaps a placement of control 6 directly east of the lake’s tip might make people think a little bit more. I am not sure what feature would work for that. Perhaps the bridge would be too easy.

    Thanks again for designing and setting the courses (Along with Steve Wells).

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