Canoe / Kayak – Orienteering 2017

Can you think and paddle at the same time?


Sunday July 16, 12PM – 4PM / Walborn Reservoir Canoe & Kayak-O

You have two and a half hours to find as many checkpoints as you can! The checkpoints are marked on a waterproof map.  A special punch at each checkpoint proves you were there.

Some checkpoints may be worth more than others, so strategy is important. Can you think and paddle at the same time?  Most checkpoints can be visited by canoe or kayak, but a number will be located in the surrounding parkland.

These checkpoints require beaching your craft and traveling on foot for a short distance. If your canoe has two people, one can find checkpoints on land while the other paddles to a convenient pre-arranged pick-up point.

You will have some time before the mass start to do your planning. Canoes and kayaks are scored separately.

Feel free to wear pirate gear or nautical garb! Arrrrrrrr!

PRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED so we know how many maps to print on expensive waterproof material (see below).


  • Check-in begins at noon. Register below…
  • Instructions at 12:40
  • Maps handed out at 12:45 so you have time to plan your route!
  • Mass start at 1 PM sharp!


  • Cost:  $5 
  • Canoe and kayak rental cost:  Contact the Park at 330-935-0367, or click this link for latest info.
  • (must have someone in the boat 16 or older)

NOTE: There are only a limited number of canoes and kayaks available for rent. Get there early, or better yet, bring your own craft.


We have the shelter from 8 AM to 9 PM, so lets picnic! Shelter has grills and electricity.  Bring something to share when we finish paddling. If you can’t be there on time, control collectors are welcome after 3 or so.


  • Wear clothing and shoes that you don’t mind being wet with lake water. You will get wet!
  • Consider bringing a change of clothes
  • Wear sunscreen
  • Bring a zip lock bag(s) to store wallets and other valuables that could be damaged by water
  • Do not leave valuable items loose inside the boat, canoe, or kayak. Car keys and cell phones sink if they are not in a bag that will float
  • Stay Hydrated – bring a water bottle.
  • Begin your excursion by rowing into the wind so it will be at your back when returning to the marina
    In the event of lightning, no boats will be allowed on the water. All boats on the water must come to shore immediately


Register for the event at Stark Park’s event page:



  • Event Director -Sanae Rogers
  • Course Designer – Steve Hendrix
  • Registrar – Fran Kern