Race Result / Boston Run Makeup July 25, 2015

On a spectacularly perfect Saturday morning, 25 participants took part in our first morning orienteering event. This was rescheduled from June 25th due to the deluge that took place at that time. Howard Montgomery created two score courses (a beginner and regular) that provided an interesting challenge for novice and experienced orienteers. Thanks go out to Howard, who also assisted in control collection and to Todd Pownell, who served as our registrar and instructor and was a control collector. Also, thanks to Randy Mitchell and Ivan Redinger, who served as control collectors. One of the highlights of the event occurred on the beginner course, where the Moms Don’t Run team edged out the Mierzvinski team by a minute and 22 seconds.

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2015.6 Boston Run Makeup 7-25-15 119