Walborn Reservoir Canoe & Kayak-O / Sunday July 17, 12PM – 4PM

Can you think and paddle at the same time?

You have two and a half hours to find as many checkpoints as you can! The checkpoints are marked on a waterproof map. A special punch at each checkpoint proves you were there. Some checkpoints may be worth more than others, so strategy is important. Can you think and paddle at the same time? Most checkpoints can be visited by canoe or kayak, but a number will be located in the surrounding parkland.

These checkpoints require beaching your craft and traveling on foot for a short distance. If your canoe has two people, one can find checkpoints on land while the other paddles to a convenient pre-arranged pick-up point. You will have some time before the mass start to do your planning.

Canoes and kayaks are scored separately.

PRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED so we know how many maps to print on expensive waterproof material (see below).

Click here for more information about the event, and to sign up.