Race Results / Foot-O / Camp Tuscazoar / 26JUN2016


The Foot-O was held at Camp Tuscazoar on a hot Sunday afternoon on June 26.   The Foot-O event started around 1 pm after the Mountain Bike Orienteers finished.  13 single/team participants attempted the Yellow, Orange, Green, Red and Brown courses.   A Hotdog lunch with fixings and NEOOC screen printing was available at the camp. Since this was the first MountainBike-O / Foot-O with a remote finish, our volunteers had to serve in multiple rolls. Thank you to all that volunteered to make this event successful.

  • Randy Mitchell – Foot-O Designer
  • Ivan Redinger – multiple jobs and overall camp liaison
  • Bob Boltz – MTBO Designer and control-setter
  • Tim McKee – control setter and weed wacker
  • Sanae Rogers & Scouts Nicholas Leanze, Bradley and Derek Burk – timer & starter
  • Tim Feaser – Event Director
  • Nancy Schoenbaum  – world’s best hot dogs & fixins!
  • Neil Dolinger, Steve Wells, Randy Mitchell, Fred Mailey – Control Collectors

Controls 42 and 41 were very challenging to find especially for the Yellow course Orienteers due to the myriad of foot and mountain bike trails in the area.


Red Course: 15 controls 6 km
  1 Todd Pownell                   99:58
    Bob Turanchik                  DNF

Green Course: 10 controls 4.2 km
  1 Matthew Johnson                152:07
    Jeff-Alex Perry                DNF

Brown Course: 8 controls 2.5 km
  1 Neil Dolinger                  64:21

Orange Course: 14 controls 3.3 km
  1 Cory-Bethany Wilson            92:18
  2 Steve-Oliva Johnson            100:28
  3 Sanae Rogers                   110:26
  4 KJ Refener                     123:43
    Frank-Wes Mahne                DNF

Yellow Course: 10 controls 2.5 km
    Chuck St.John                  DNF
    Fran Kern                      DNF
    John-Michelle Sullivan         DNF
    Scouts Leanza-Burk-Burk        DNF
    Kim-Love Ottobre               DNF
    Cathy Winters                  DNF


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