Race Result / Boston Run 29APR2016


Despite iffy and unseasonal weather predictions, we had a very good showing of orienteers at today’s event. The day started off pretty chilly and damp, but gradually warmed, and we never got any real rain until just as the last controls were retrieved. There were lots of compliments for Howard Montgomery’s subtle courses, and his ‘butterfly loops’ that reused some controls several times. This despite having to change venues only last month because of a wedding party at the original Octagon site! Happily, we caught the attention of quite a few passersby at Boston Run, and we did a lot of ‘orienteering ambassadorship’ at the registrars table. And Fran Kern said that she did a bit of recruiting out on the course as well!

Many thanks to all our volunteers, including:

  • Director: Randy Mitchell
  • Designer: Howard Montgomery
  • Registrar: Collen Sabeh
  • Starter: Todd Pownell
  • Timer: Mike Sabeh
  • Greeter: Holly Wilgus
  • Control Collectors: Howard Montgomery, Bob Boltz, Dominic Conte, Fred Mailey, Michael Sabeh


White/Yellow Course: 10 controls 2.6 km 85 m
  1 Holly Wilgus                   83:44
  2 Chuck St.John                  115:29  (Manually entered start time)
  3 Fran Kern                      115:31

Orange Course: 13 controls 4.3 km 105 m
  1 Steve Johnson                  40:47
  2 Kate Arbogast                  82:59
  3 Frank Mahne                    129:23
  4 Tom and Jack Loya              152:36

Brown Course: 14 controls 4.1 km 90 m
  1 Alex Bogorad                   82:26
    Jennifer Rockwood              DNF
    Mark Rockwood                  DNF

Green Course: 15 controls 4.6 km 105 m
  1 Mark Stypczynski               74:27
  2 Ted Frank                      81:11
  3 Guy Russ                       87:11
  4 Fred Mailey                NEO 100:16
  5 Johnson & Witalis              121:22
    Kevin Pete                     DNF
    Andreas Johansson              53:02 / DNF*    (Punched 44 - 51 in wrong order)

Red Course: 16 controls 4.9 km 145 m
  1 Todd Pownell                   42:20
  2 Tom Svobodny                   51:05
  3 Steve Johnson                  55:17
  4 Bob Boltz                      55:23
  5 Gil Even                       87:32
  6 Mike Sabeh                     94:24
  7 Jeff and Alex Perry            118:21
  8 Dominic Conte                  134:03
  9 Bob Turanchik                  151:27


Post your GPX track to RouteGadget, or check out the detailed splits.


*Read about Andreas Johansson’s big mistake on the triangle, and how he punched a few controls in the wrong order.