Flying Pig XXI 2017 – NEOOC Club Member Results

Five club members from NEOOC travelled to Indianapolis and surrounding areas to represent at the Flying Pig XXI, hosted by OCIN (Orienteering Cincinnati) on the weekend of April 7-9, 2017. Bob Boltz, Fred Mailey, KJ Rufener, Todd Pownell, and Andreas Johansson ran various distances and events throughout the weekend, and took home a few medals.

Needless to say, we all had a great time, and are planning for next year’s Pig already!

Flying Pig XXI - Andreas, Todd, and Bob

Middle Distance, Friday April 7, 2017

Location: Eagle Creek Park, northern part, just west of Indianapolis

  • Andreas Johansson, 1st place, M35+ (RED)
  • Fred Mailey, 1st place, M55+ (GREEN)
  • Todd Pownell, 5th place, M45+ (RED)

All results from Friday Middle here:

Flying Pig XXI - Todd, KJ, and Bob

Night Orienteering Championships, Friday April 7, 2017

Location: Eagle Creek Park, southern part, just west of Indianapolis

  • Bob Boltz, 3rd place, M65+ (BROWN)
  • KJ Rufener, 2nd place, F45+ (GREEN)

All results from Friday Night Championships here:

Flying Pig XXI - Fred

Long Distance, Saturday April 8, 2017

Location: Yellowwod State Forest, west of Columbus, IN

  • Andreas Johansson, 1st place, M-GREEN (GREEN)
  • KJ Rufener, 4th place, F45+ (GREEN)
  • Todd Pownell, 5th place, M45+ (RED)
  • Fred Mailey, 6th place, M55+ (GREEN)

All results from the LONG courses are here:

Flying Pig XXI - Andreas

Urban + Park Sprints, Sunday April 9, 2017

Location: Downtown Columbus, IN, and in Mill Race Park (just west of downtown)

Sprint courses were combined to produce one overall result.

  • Andreas Johansson, 2nd place, M35+ (RED)
  • Todd Pownell, 6th place, M45+ (RED)
  • Bob Boltz, 3rd place, M65+ (BROWN)
  • Fred Mailey, 3rd place, M55+ (GREEN)
  • KJ Rufener – only ran one of the sprints.

Combined times, with splits for each course, here:

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