Course Design Workshop / Saturday, 18 MAR 2017


Join NEOOC’s mapping guru Bob Boltz and a few others to learn more about course design, and what it takes to prepare great, but appropriately challenging, maps for all participants – from beginner to advanced orienteers. Topics will include basic design principles, designing for the beginner and advanced orienteer, and how to check your design for trouble areas. You’ll learn how to use Purple Pen, a course design software, as part of the workshop.

Workshop Objective: Introduce experienced orienteers to the task of designing appropriate courses for all levels of orienteering.

The Course Design workshop features both hands on work with maps (old school) – handy for when beginning to think about an event, and instruction on the Purple Pen software (a freely available course design program used by many course designers.) We’ll also cover how to properly mark a course (during preparation), and how to hang and retrieve controls (part of setting a course).

Feel free to bring your own laptop with Purple Pen loaded already (see link below), and any old maps you may have for discussion and review. Bring some note taking materials, and be ready to ask lots of questions. A red pen or marker helps in marking the maps. A red, thin, permanent marker makes a great tool for course design!

Workshop Schedule

  • 9:30 – 11:30 – Course design basics, etc. (classroom)
  • 11:30 – 12:30 – Lunch (on your own) (lots of available locations within 5 minutes)
  • 12:30 – 3:00 – Purple Pen / Design a course using course design software


  • Saturday, March 18th, 2017
  • 9:30 AM – 3:00 PM (1 hr lunch on your own)
  • $10 for NEOOC Members / $15 for non-members (+ minimal processing fee from Eventbrite)
    • (includes donuts & coffee, instruction, handouts, practice maps, etc.)


Please let us know here if you plan on attending:


Kenston Intermediate School’s Innovation Lab
17419 Snyder Rd, Chagrin Falls, OH 44023


  • Workshop Lead & Facilitator – Bob Boltz
  • Assistant Facilitator – Andreas Johansson


This workshop is mainly indoors, but may venture outside if the weather cooperates!


Volunteer with NEOOC in 2017!

Help us make it a great 2017 for NEOOC by volunteering some of your time running an event.
Most of the jobs are easy to learn, and there are plenty who would love to show you how.

Taking registrations, greeting orienteers, or setting controls help tremendously. Let us know what you’re willing to help out with by filling out this form:

Race Results / South Chagrin SCORE / November 5


Submitted by Fred Mailey and Richard Davies.

What a beautiful day to be in the woods!  This was our last event of 2016 and conditions were perfect. It was sunny with temperatures in the lower 60’s.

The main course, designed by Mark Stypczynski, was a SCORE style challenge.  You had 90 minutes to amass as many points as you can. Controls vary in point value, so strategy was important!.  Controls farther away or more difficult to find had higher point values.  Stiff penalties were imposed by the Event Director for those who when over the time limit, 10 points were subtracted for each minute over 90.

We had visitors from the Quantico Orienteering Club (QOC, DC area) and the Western PA Orienteering Club (WPOC).  Jonathan Campbell (QOC) took top honors in the Score course clearing all of the controls in 51 minutes.  Yaki Barak (WPOC) was also among the 9 who where able to clear the field in under 90 minutes. Thanks for visiting. Hopefully, we did not miss any other visiting club members. If so let us know.  We always enjoy having new folks checkout our different venues.

We could not have done it without our great team of volunteers:

  • Course Designer & Setter: Mark Stypczynski
  • Registrar: Kevin Peterca
  • Starter : Fran Kern
  • Greeters: Brad Lohiser and Jen
  • Control Collectors: Frank Mahne, Steve Johnson, Richard Davies, Fred Mailey
  • Event Director: Richard Davies (doing double duty after just directing the Quail Hollow Night-O also)


White – 2.7km

Place Name/Team                Time
 1    Geo Dengler               60:12
 2    Mario Loya                68:10
 3    Anna Campbell (QOC)       89:24
      Tom Horvath               DNF       (Missed Control 36 ...)

Score  – 20 Controls – 380 points

Place Name/Team                Points         Time
 1    Jonathan Campbell (QOC)   380            +51:02  
 2    Steve Johnson             380            +62:01  
 3    Victoria Campbell (QOC)   380            +62:31  
 4    Randy Mitchell            380            +64:48  
 5    Lohiser Robinson          380            +69:36  
 6    Ken Lohiser               380            +73:05  
 7    Yaki Barak (WPOC)         380            +78:25  
 8    Bob Turanchik             380            +79:18  
 9    James Price               380            +80:53  

10    Phil Cunningham           370            +89:02  
11    Fred Mailey               360            +89:32  

12    Vera Yodivina             280            +85:22 
13    Remig Buzer (sp?)         260            +85:10   
14    Tim Feaser                230            +76:11  
15    Hazel Barton              220            +86:06  
16    Neil Dolinger             220 (240-20)   +92:08  
17    Jenn Michael              210            +89:20  
18    Andrew Strobel            210            +90:24 
19    Greg Martin               180            +73:39  
20    Amanda Shannon            180            +89:28  
21    Bartlett                  170            +82:13 
22    K. Peterea                170            +85:46   
23    Frank Mahne               120 (200-80)   +98:06  
24    Nick Leanza                50            +74:39  
25    Geno Groszczynski          50            +75:02  

26    Chuck St.John              <0 (120-150)  +105:13 
27    Bernard Marcucci           <0 (90-160)   +106:33  

      Tom Knapp                  No ePunch data available.


RouteGadget available shortly.

Race Results / Quail Hollow Night-O / October 22


Submitted by Fred Mailey and Richard Davies.

It was a great night for Orienteering.  Clear sky, some stars, no rain.  And a little chill in the air.

The cross country style courses, designed by John Rasinski, provided challenges for all levels.  Green, Orange, Yellow, and White courses were enjoyed by all.  Our start and finish were at the gazebo, just east of the nature center:


Photo courtesy of Bob Boltz.

Another great job by our volunteers:

  • Course Designer: John Rasinski
  • Control Setters: John and Randy Mitchell
  • Registrar: Karen Birt
  • Starter : Tam Delorme
  • Greeter and setup: Phill Wadsworth
  • Control Collectors: Bob Boltz, Richard Davies
  • Event Director: Richard Davies

Hopefully, we did not miss anyone.  If we did, let us know.


White Course: 10 controls 1 km
  1 Team AM-A                      19:58

Yellow Course: 7 controls 2.2 km
  1 Team Biltz                     62:48
  2 Team Willis                    63:11

Orange Course: 12 controls 3.3 km
  1 Price                          64:57
  2 Team Mario                     107:14
  3 Johnson Witalis                108:28
  4 Team Rogers                    111:00
  5 Rich Perrenoud                 118:34
    Team Monstrocity               DNF   (86:56, punched controls 50 & 42 out of order)
    Team Freeman                   DNF   (punched 1st 7 controls)
    Mr Knapp                       DNF   (punched 1st 5 controls)
    Shannon                        DNF   (missed 2nd control 48 ...)
    Rogue Two                      DNF   (missed 2nd control 48 ...)

Green Course: 13 controls 5 km
  1 Andreas Johansson              77:08
  2 Bob Boltz                      81:41
  3 Yaki Barak  (WPOC)             100:53
    Team Muffet                    DNF   (punched 1st 5 controls)
    Phill Wadsworth                DNF


See some (rather dark) pictures from the start / finish area (via Andreas) here:


Simple Splits

Route Gadget & Splits

Race Results / Foot-O / Camp Tuscazoar / 26JUN2016


The Foot-O was held at Camp Tuscazoar on a hot Sunday afternoon on June 26.   The Foot-O event started around 1 pm after the Mountain Bike Orienteers finished.  13 single/team participants attempted the Yellow, Orange, Green, Red and Brown courses.   A Hotdog lunch with fixings and NEOOC screen printing was available at the camp. Since this was the first MountainBike-O / Foot-O with a remote finish, our volunteers had to serve in multiple rolls. Thank you to all that volunteered to make this event successful.

  • Randy Mitchell – Foot-O Designer
  • Ivan Redinger – multiple jobs and overall camp liaison
  • Bob Boltz – MTBO Designer and control-setter
  • Tim McKee – control setter and weed wacker
  • Sanae Rogers & Scouts Nicholas Leanze, Bradley and Derek Burk – timer & starter
  • Tim Feaser – Event Director
  • Nancy Schoenbaum  – world’s best hot dogs & fixins!
  • Neil Dolinger, Steve Wells, Randy Mitchell, Fred Mailey – Control Collectors

Controls 42 and 41 were very challenging to find especially for the Yellow course Orienteers due to the myriad of foot and mountain bike trails in the area.


Red Course: 15 controls 6 km
  1 Todd Pownell                   99:58
    Bob Turanchik                  DNF

Green Course: 10 controls 4.2 km
  1 Matthew Johnson                152:07
    Jeff-Alex Perry                DNF

Brown Course: 8 controls 2.5 km
  1 Neil Dolinger                  64:21

Orange Course: 14 controls 3.3 km
  1 Cory-Bethany Wilson            92:18
  2 Steve-Oliva Johnson            100:28
  3 Sanae Rogers                   110:26
  4 KJ Refener                     123:43
    Frank-Wes Mahne                DNF

Yellow Course: 10 controls 2.5 km
    Chuck St.John                  DNF
    Fran Kern                      DNF
    John-Michelle Sullivan         DNF
    Scouts Leanza-Burk-Burk        DNF
    Kim-Love Ottobre               DNF
    Cathy Winters                  DNF


[envira-gallery id=”1238″]


Simple Splits and RouteGadget available now.

Race Results / MountainBike-O 2016 / Camp Tuscazoar / 26JUN2016


Our Mountainbike-O was held at Camp Tuscazoar on a hot Sunday on June 26. There were a total of 9 single and team participants. 3K and 5K courses were available. Start Times began 10 am. A Hotdog lunch with fixings and NEOOC screen printing was available at the camp. Since this was the first MountainBike-O with a remote finish, our volunteers had to serve in multiple rolls. Thank you to all that volunteered to make this event successful.

  • Bob Boltz – Designer and control-setter
  • Tim McKee – control setter and weed wacker
  • Ivan Redinger – multiple jobs and overall camp liaison
  • Randy Mitchell – Foot-O Designer
  • Sanae Rogers & Scouts Nicholas Leanze, Bradley and Derek Burk – timer & starter
  • Tim Feaser – Event Director
  • Nancy Schoenbaum  – world’s best hot dogs & fixins!
  • Neil Dolinger, Steve Wells, Randy Mitchell, Fred Mailey – Control Collectors


LONG MtBike COURSE Course: 14 controls 5.7 km
  1 Kathleen Lennon                77:25
  2 Bob Turanchik                  85:01
  3 Greg Lennon                    94:26
  4 Robert Buraczynski             125:47
  5 Lila-Deven Wohlwend            288:38
    Todd Devore                    DNF    (51:10, Punched 45 instead of 35, missed 44)
    Jason Ricker                   DNF    (60:50, Missed 44)
    YevGeny Dihes                  DNF

SHORT MtBike COURSE Course: 13 controls 3.4 km
  1 Gil Even                       75:11
  2 Drew Gonyias                   108:51
    Eric-Ethan Wohlwend            DNF    (missed 31)


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Simple splits, Attackpoint splits, and RouteGadget available now.

Race Results / Octagon Twilight Friday / XC / 10JUN2016


Our annual Twilight Friday event was held at the Octagon Shelter Area near the Ledges in Cuyahoga Valley National Park.  Matthew Muffett was the Event Director and Steve Hendrix designed the Courses.  Many Thanks to all of our volunteers including Mark Stypczynski and Fran Kern.


White Course: 9 controls
 1 Kelly Gonyias                    37:11
 2 Family Johansson                 44:38

Yellow Course: 7 controls
 1 Adam Opalka                      88:29
   Gary Burde                       DNF

Orange Course: 7 controls
 1 Sanae Rogers                     36:58
 2 Kenneth Witalis                  43:29
 3 Greg Marjenin                    57:06
 4 Frank-Wes Mahne                  73:03
 5 Tom-Jack Loya                    100:21
 6 Ann Stevenson                    132:41

Green Course: 12 controls
 1 Mark Stypczynski                 81:17
 2 Howard Montgomery                92:40
 3 Rich Perrenoud                   94:06
 4 Dominic Conte                    99:47
   Neil Dolinger                    DNF
   Andreas Johansson                DNF
   Matthew Johnson                  DNF

Red Course: 15 controls
 1 Randy Mitchell                   43:42
 2 Bob Boltz                        65:57
 3 Steve Johnson                    85:05
 4 B-J Lohiser-Robinson             91:28
 5 Sarah Peck                       109:48
 6 Richard Davies                   153:01
   Ivan Redinger                    DNF
   Jeff Perry                       DNF
   Todd Pownell                     DNF (54:25, punched 40 instead of 58)


Simple Splits available here.

Spring Forward! Short Courses @ Manatoc / 19 MAR 2016

Event Description

Wake up your body! Come run some short and fun courses at beautiful Manatoc. You can run one, or all three. Each course is quick, fast, and will let you ease in to this year’s orienteering schedule.

Date & Time

  • Saturday, March 19, 2016
  • Registration 11:30, with starts at 12 Noon.


Manatoc Scout Camp in Cuyahoga Valley
1075 Truxell Rd, Peninsula, OH 44264

Camp Manatoc Parking and Start

Registration Details

  • Registration starts at 11:30ish, with starts at 12 Noon
  • $5 / member
  • $10 / non-member
  • Run as many courses as you want!


3 short, fun, high energy courses are available (1.5km – 1.9km) as well as a 60 minute score course for 635 points. Run one, or run them all!

Course Designer(s): Bob Boltz, Andreas Johansson, Sanae Rogers

Sample Map

Sample map ONLY – does not show actual courses!

Manatoc Sample Map

Course Design Workshop Resources / 27 FEB 2016

Here are the resources for the NEOOC Course Design Workshop on 27 February, 2016.




Sample Map Files

  • Kenston Campus Map 4000 2016 (download this file, then rename it to “Kenston Campus Map 4000 2016.ocd – no need to unzip – just rename the file, and use with Purple Pen (above))

Reference Documents


2016 Schedule & Resources

2016 is here, and we’re ready with a host of orienteering events. See the entire event schedule for the year below, in various formats. Feel free to print out and distribute both the schedule and general orienteering flyer (all in PDF format below) to friends and family. We look forward to seeing you in the woods soon!

2016 Schedule

NOTE: See the Google Calendar below for the latest updates / changes.

General 2016 Flyer (Share with others!)

Event Postings (more detailed information for each event)

See the postings for upcoming events, here:

2016 Calendar of Events

Calendar Notes

  • Events in Orange – NEOOC Club Events (in NEO Area)
  • Events in Blue – National & Other Events
  • XC – Cross Country event
  • SCORE – Score event
  • TRAINING – Training event
  • SCOUTS – For Scouts only

Here are the event in list format: