** UPDATE **

Due to the forecasted cold temperatures (windchills in the negative!), and for the safety of all involved (event staff & participants) we are postponing and rescheduling the Snow-O for Saturday February 3rd, 2018.

SNOW-O 2018 | Classic-O at Camp Manatoc | Saturday February 3, 11 A – 1 P

** UPDATE **

The Snow-O has been re-scheduled for Saturday February 3rd, 2018.


Join us at beautiful Camp Manatoc for classic orienteering in what we hope will be some snow and a bit cold… don’t worry – the classic distances will keep you warm!

The event will feature a new way to start, inspired by some of the out-of-state competitions a few of us have attended in the past year. The start triangle will be about 400 meters walk from registration, with some mild elevation. The finish will include a GO-control, with associated sprint to the finish control.

Camp Manatoc features wonderful terrain, with lots of reentrants, trails, and camp environment. Most, if not all, buildings are mapped, as are some of the benches on trails, etc. A few trails may be hard to see, but with little to no leaf coverage in the winter months, reading the terrain is a lot easier!

Areas that are marked as off-limits on the map must be respected. Some areas include firing ranges, and others have been marked as out-of-bounds by the course designer. Running on roads in out-of-bounds areas is not permitted. Do not climb tall fences, and stay out of private property or otherwise marked areas. Some water crossings may be required on courses above WHITE.

Water will be available on the course, but not necessarily at a specified control, rather along a common route choice or easy to locate intersection.

GREEN, RED, and BLUE will be longer distances (see below). It’s highly recommended that you bring the appropriate gear, and possibly your own water / food depending on your stamina.


Reported by Andreas, 12/30/17

I went to do some last minute recon on control locations, and to mark most of the close-in-campus controls to aid with setting next week, and wanted to share what I found.

First of all, if the snow sticks, and temps stay below freezing, you’re in for a real treat! Camp Manatoc was so beautiful yesterday, serene in its quiet winter wonderland, with a few deer roaming freely. Traveling up and down reentrants was almost easier due to the frozen ground, and many of the creeks are frozen over. But…

Lots of patches of ice throughout, especially where water has run over trails, so watch for that. Carbide tips, or really aggressive trail running shoes are highly recommended. (I have some of these, and would recommend!)

Most of you will see / visit a beautiful place around the Minehaha water falls – they are frozen over – and it’s a real treat! I moved the control location for maximum beauty! Just be careful around the area, as it can be quite slippery. But it’s a snow-O, after all…

There’s one location, marked as a building (see below) that is somewhat surrounded by a frozen creek. Depending on your approach, it is possible to reach it with a safe, dry, passage. I found it easily yesterday. Cross the creek at your own risk, please, and keep in mind where you are on the course.

For YELLOW, ORANGE, and GREEN, you’ll approach from the dry, non-creek side, across a field / old lake bed, in a SE direction. For RED and BLUE, you’ll need to make a decision as to finding the dry approach, or risking a leap over a frozen creek, as you’ll approach in a NW direction.

The creek seemed very shallow, maybe less than 8 inches or so, so regardless, you’re not in for a swim! But in the lower temperatures, could put a damper on your run. The dry approach is slightly NW of the control as you approach on RED and BLUE.

Most of the trails are snowed over, and it snowed last night again, so some may be a bit trickier to find. Look for trail markers that Camp Manatoc uses, or look for open areas. Many legs on all courses mix technical orienting to the control, with stretches of open ground / trail running for your “keeping warm” pleasure!

Remember to layer your clothing, and dress for the weather. If you keep moving, at any pace, you’ll keep warm. It was 12F yesterday, with some wind, and I kept warm no problem. If you’re running hard, you’ll sweat. If you stop / slow down, you’ll get cold. Please review signs of hypothermia, here.

Keeping hydrated is key. There will be water throughout, and warm beverages at the registration / finish area. Check the map for water locations.

I can’t wait to see you next weekend! You’re in for an adventure, regardless! And, what better way to start the orienteering year on a course where contours are easy to read, the snow is crisp (I sure hope it lasts!), and the temperatures will keep you going? 😉



Camp Manatoc – Bittersweet Lodge (north off the main parking lot)
1075 Truxell Rd, Peninsula, OH 44264

Event Director – Andreas Johansson
Cell: (330) 328-1181


The start location (the start triangle) is located a few hundred meters’ walk from the registration and parking area. Water will be available in the start area, as will most of the maps, depending on your selected course.

You will follow a taped route to the start location. Once in the start area, the starter will hand you your map, and associated clue sheets, and you will start in the next available slot for that course. You will travel a short distance to the actual start triangle that will be clearly marked.


  • NEOOC Members – $5 per person or team (1 map)
  • Non-Members – $10 per person or team (1 map)
  • Extra Map – $3
  • Whistle – $2

Cash only at the event.


Beginner to advanced courses are available. GREEN, RED, and BLUE are advanced map reading / orienteering courses, and should not be attempted solely as a map hike. Multiple legs are far from trails, and distances are long. Distances below are as mapped, but as the crows flies. Typically, you should assume an addition of 25% distance, depending on your skill level. All courses except WHITE are e-punch.

A few maps for each course will be pre-printed, and handed out at the start location only to help prepare for national events. You may be asked to mark your own map, too. Maps will be on 8.5×11, in 1:10,000 scale.

  • WHITE – Beginner, short, 1.9km, 10 controls, manual punch
  • YELLOW – Intermediate beginner, 2.8km, 8 controls
  • ORANGE – Intermediate, 4.4km 3.9km, 9 10 controls
  • GREEN – Advanced, shorter, 5.0km 5.1km, 11 12 controls
  • RED – Advanced, long, 7.3km 7.4km, 15 controls
  • BLUE, Advanced, even longer, 8.7km 8.8km, 17 18 controls

“Why a BLUE course? I’ve never seen that before…”

Some folks like to go a little farther, that’s why… if you normally run GREEN or above, you should try it out if you want the challenge of longer distances.


  • Event Director, Course Designer, Setter – Andreas Johansson
  • Registrar – Guy Russ
  • Timer / Starter – John Nazier & Troop


Learn more about Control Descriptions!

The purpose of a control description is to give greater precision to the picture given by the map of the control feature, and to indicate the location of the control flag in relation to this feature, thereby helping the competitor to better visualize the control site.

However, a good control is found primarily by map reading. Descriptions and codes can assist in this task, but should be kept as short and simple as is necessary to locate the control.

Learn more, and download the 2018 version of the IOF Control Descriptions from our website, here.

Results | Night Orienteering at Hinckley


Great weather in northeast Ohio at night in November?



Yes!  The coming storms held off until the next day and we all enjoyed a full moon with  partially overcast skies.  And temperatures started in the 50’s!  Sliding down into the upper 40’s.  But we had the fire going.

Matt Muffett ran a tight ship as Event Director and Randy Mitchell designed and set four challenging courses: Wack-O, Wack-O Short, Intermediate, and White.  With several butterfly loops in the courses, people saw lots of distant headlamps and flashlights as they navigated an area with many ravines and crisscrossing paths.

The Girl Scouts joined us from the next door picnic area and had a great time on the White course.  Andreas Johansson burned up the Wack-O course in 70 minutes.  Mark Stypczynski performed on the Wack-O Short and Team Muffett ruled the Intermediate course.  Krista Parran and friend liked the White course so much, they decided to do part of the Intermediate course.  We plan on seeing them again next year (at the Snow-O?).


  • Director: Matt Muffett
  • Designer: Randy Mitchell
  • Registrar: Howard Montgomery
  • Starter: Andreas Johansson
  • Timers: Howard Montgomery, Richard Davies
  • Greeters: Randy Mitchell, Richard Davies


White Course: 9 controls 2.1 km
   Name                Controls  Time
 1 Krista Parran & company    9  23:00
 2 Peter Weiss                9  34:00
 3 Bettac & Girl Scouts       9  40:00
   Cynthia Turik              8  67:00 (missed 8th control)

Intermediate Course: 9 controls 2.7 km 25 m
   Name                Controls  Time
 1 Muffett Team               9  68:37
 2 Sabeh Team                 9  132:51
 3 Stuart Smith               9  149:13
   Krista Parran & company    3  33:53 (found 3 as planned!)

Wack-O Short Course: 8 controls 3.2 km 25 m
   Name                Controls  Time
 1 Mark Stypczynski           8  65:21
 2 Dan Freeman                8  108:51
 3 Li Smith                   8  145:48
 4 Rich Perrenoud             8  157:59
   Johnson Team               7  147:03 (punched 36 instead of 37)
   Thomas Knapp               2  81:16 (missed 33 ...)

Wack-O Long Course: 13 controls 5.0 km 75 m
   Name                Controls  Time
 1 Andreas Johansson         13  70:08
 2 Steve Johnson             13  114:49
 3 James Price               13  127:11
   Dave Kostansek            12  54:48 (missed last control 41)
   Phill Wadsworth            8  86:23 (missed 40 ...)
   Hensley Team               8  116:30 (missed 32 ...)
   Ivan Redinger              no data


RouteGadget – Upload your GPS file and compare your route with others – OR draw route from memory

Attackpoint Splits

Simple Splits

Night Orienteering at Hinckley @ Johnson Picnic Area | 4 NOV 2017, 6 PM


Johnson’s Picnic Area is located off West Drive in Hinckley Reservation, between Bellus and State roads in Hinckley Township.

Registration at 6 PM at the Johnson Picnic area. Follow the signs. Starts beginning at dusk. Bring a headlamp!


  • Members $5
  • Non-Members $10
  • Cash only, please!




  • Director: Matt Muffett
  • Designer: Randy Mitchell
  • Registrar: Howard Montgomery
  • Starter: Andreas Johansson
  • Timer: ???
  • Greeter: Randy Mitchell

2017 Python | Results


Wow! What a turn out, and what an amazing event!

Thank you to all the racers, to all of our wonderful volunteers, and to the staff at Camp Butler for making the weekend work so well.

In preparing the event, many hours and days of preparation were spent making sure maps were correct and accurate, and controls placed in the right place. We placed loads more water than in the past, with each location having at least 10 gallons on hand for refills, etc.

Control setting, after being designed, marked and managed by Bob Boltz, was handled by Steve Hendrix, Gary BurdenDave Kostansek, Randy Mitchell, Steve Hughes, and Shin Shimizu, who drove up from Columbus to help set (and then later competed, but not in the area he helped set)!

On Saturday morning we got started a little after 5 AM with race preparations, setting up signs, donut & coffee pickup, preparing the check in and registration, and getting ready for runners to appear.

Expert parking assistance came from Dan Freeman and Peter Pirns who got everyone where they needed to go. Registration was handled by Holly Wilgus, Gary Burden, and Guy Russ, with assistance from Hazel Barton and Randy Mitchell when the rush came. Bob Boltz was on hand to help with maps and questions, and Sanae Rogers managed the overnight crew and lodging, with Hazel Barton providing artistic mapping for bunk assignment.

We handed out maps around 7 AM, and all the 6 and 12-hour competitors busily began planning routes for maximum scores. Special instructions were at 7:45, and after an event photo, the air horn went off at 8 AM for a mass start.

A silence erupted… but not for long! Many 3-hour competitors arrived shortly after 9 AM, checked in, and took off. We began preparing for lunch, the 3-hour folks’ arrival back, and the morning was over before we knew it.

Smiles abounded as the first runners came back, having tested the waters so to speak, in and around Camp Butler and Camp Manatoc. Many had tales of brush and other persistent vegetation that had somehow attached to clothing, shoes, hair, and elsewhere.

Around 1 PM, our resident camp chef extraordinaire John Nazier began cooking hamburgers with all the fixin’s for the arrival of the 6-hour group that began arriving shortly after 1:30 PM. Scores were tallied, bellies were filled, and prizes handed out. Everyone earned a Python Medal, and some scored a second award as top of class.

Fred Mailey made sure our e-punch gear worked, and crunched data (both electronically and manually) to make sure scores were tallied, correctly. Working a new system had its kinks, but we were able to get the stuff we needed, and solved a few issues throughout. We determined then and there to eliminate any manual punching from future events, and stick strictly to e-punch.

The afternoon was not as long as we thought, but some of us managed spending a few minutes in a hammock, waiting patiently for the 12-hour group to begin showing up. A few straggled in early after the course had taken its toll.

Around 7:30 PM we repeated the lunch rush, with more food, prizes and such. We had improved our workflow by then, and employed the talents of Howard Montgomery and Ivan Redinger for people management and score checking. Most of us, and all the runners, had donned headlamps by then, and we had to endure the loud steamboat sound of a Halloween Hay Ride stationed right outside our venue. We will improve for next time, and locate ourselves someplace else… we promise!

By 8:30 PM most were headed home, some stayed the night, and the rest of the NEOOC team cleaned up, swept, put things in order, and left the site around 10 PM. Exciting, but made for a long day!

Control pickup began that night, with Bob Boltz leading the pickup crew, having assigned controls and areas to police. He recovered the Big Fish, as well as the corn maze controls that night.

On Sunday, and following days, Randy Mitchell, Andreas Johansson (with the help of Jae Russ, Emelie and Oskar), Gary Burden, Ivan Redinger, Steve Hendrix, Sanae Rogers, Howard Montgomery, Dan Freeman, KJ Ruefner, Jamie Price, and Dave Kostansek helped pickup the remaining controls and recover the water stops. Way to go!

Thank you to everyone who made the event what it was. We couldn’t do it without you, and look forward to another great Python on 2018.


All results are in PDF form. Some of the data is quite complex, so take some time to look at the format, and check the column headers as well. Please remember that we had e-punch + manual punching for the 6 and 12-hour competitors.



RouteGadget – upload your GPS file or draw your route from memory – See and compare routes with other Pythoners

Results | NE Ohio Scout Championship (NOSOC) @ Manatoc | Sunday 9/24


This second day featured Scout only activities as part of the North Eastern Ohio Scout Championships (NOSOC).  Information about our ongoing Scout programs are available here.

Staffing (all volunteers)

  • Event Director: Ivan Redinger
  • Course Designer and Setter: Steve Hendrix & Clan
  • Training and instruction: Andreas Johansson and Howard Montgomery
  • Registrar: Jeff Perry
  • Timers/Starters: Steve Marsh & company
  • Control Pickup: Ivan Redinger, John Naizer, Andreas Johansson


White Course: 9 controls 1.3 km
   Name              Controls Time
 1 Michael-2 Tr122          9 26:35
 2 Flying-Chickens Tr122    9 31:21
 3 Terminator-Turtles Tr122 9 36:16
   Huron-Wyndot Tr122       2 78:35

Orange Course: 16 controls 3.1 km
   Name                     Controls Time
 1 Steve-Johnson Tr60544          16 36:05
 2 Old-Gray-Flying Tr122          16 46:11
 3 Shorts-1 Tr122                 16 56:41
 4 Kenneth Witalis NEOOC          16 67:37
 5 Unknown-Flying-Squirrels Tr122 16 68:10
 6 The-Group-After Tr122          16 72:11
 7 Olivia-Johnson Tr60544         16 79:31
 8 Wendy-Johnson Tr60544          16 113:32
   BobS-BrianB Tr122              13 71:50

See this post for Day 1 activities.

Results | NOSOC & Classic Orienteering + Night-O @ Manatoc | Saturday 9/23


Another great weather day in NE Ohio

Mother Nature was cooperating with our two day event.  The first day featured public and Scout Orienteering.  All levels of courses (Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced) were available to the public at Camp Manatoc, the Boy Scout Camp in Cuyahoga Valley National Park.  A portion of the Beginner and Intermediate courses were also used for the North Eastern Ohio Scout Orienteering Championships (NOSOC).

The turnout was great from both the public and from the scouts (many of whom were camping out that weekend).

All scouting units (Cubs, Webelos, Boy Scouts, Venture Scouts, Girl Scouts, with their adult leaders) learned and practiced map and compass skills. Many troops work on orienteering related badge requirements.  John Naizer and company used the Yellow  course for Orienteering CampOree activities.

The day was capped off by an exciting short Night Orienteering Score course.

Information about our ongoing Scout programs are available here.

Staffing (all volunteers)

  • Event Director: Ivan Redinger
  • Course Designer and Setter: Howard Montgomery (Day courses)
  • Course Designer and Setter: Bob Boltz (Night-O)
  • Training and instruction: Andreas Johansson and Howard Montgomery
  • Registrar: Karen Steckner, KJ Rufener
  • Timers/Starters: Steve Marsh & company
  • Control Pickup: Ivan Redinger, John Naizer, Andreas Johansson
  • Skull Session (Interactive race review): Fred Mailey

Results (Saturday – Day Courses)

White A Course: 8 controls 1.5 km
   Name/Team               Controls Time
 1 Velioant-Dore NEOOC            8 42:28
 2 Golden-Eagles Tr35             8 58:35
   Directionally Tr35             8 55:14 (punched 49 instead of 64)

White B Course: 8 controls 2.1 km
   Name/Team               Controls Time
 1 Golden-Eagles Tr35             8 65:27
 2 Michael-2 Tr122                8 70:02
 3 Elaine-Michael-Friend NEOOC    8 78:29
   Flying-Chickens Tr122          7 167:02 (missed last control 49)
   Big-Boys Tr2309                5 57:38 (missed last controls)
   Blazing Tr122                  4 59:11 (missed last controls)

Yellow Course: 10 controls 3.1 km
   Name/Team                Controls Time
 1 Old-Gray-Flying Tr122          10 52:12
 2 Shorts-1 Tr122                 10 62:22
 3 The-Group-After Tr122          10 74:27
 4 Unknown-Flying-Squirrels Tr122 10 76:24
 5 Golden-Eagles2 Tr35            10 85:48
 6 Directionally Tr35             10 97:08
 7 Olivia-Johnson Tr60544         10 118:29
 8 Wendy-Johnson Tr60544          10 121:33
   Chuck-St.John NEOOC             9 144:37 (missed last control 48)
   Frank-Wesley-Mahne NEOOC        8 153:03 (missed last controls)
   Big-Boys2 Tr2309                7 111:46 (missed last controls)
   Bison Tr28                      7 188:31 (missed last controls)
   Kermit-Revolution Tr122         4 133:74 (missed last controls)
   Marcia-Mauter NEOOC             4 134:59 (missed last controls)
   Zero Tr122                      No Data

Orange Course: 14 controls 4 km
   Name/Team                Controls Time
 1 Hazel-Barton NEOOC             14 79:55
 2 Lohiser-Robinson-Lohiser NEOOC 14 84:43
 3 Kenneth-Witalis Tr60544        14 102:48
 4 Sanae-Rogers NEOOC             14 104:03
 5 Dave-Dysle NEOOC               14 128:58
   Vikings Tr35                    9 113:43 (missed last controls)
   Directionally-2 Tr35            2 58:14 (missed last controls)

Green Course: 9 controls 4.4 km
   Name/Team                Controls Time
 1 Todd-Pownell NEOOC              9 45:03
 2 Mark-Stypczynski NEOOC          9 73:07
 3 Jay-Smink NEOOC                 9 84:38
 4 Vera-Yudovina NEOOC             9 92:10

Red Course: 11 controls 4.7 km
   Name/Team                Controls Time
 1 Andreas-Johansson NEOOC        11 61:56
 2 Todd-Pownell NEOOC             11 66:34
 3 Randy-Mitchell NEOOC           11 70:56
 4 Steve-Johnson Tr60544          11 84:37
 5 John-Rasinski NEOOC            11 92:06

See this post for Day 2 activities for Scouts.


RouteGadget – Upload your GPS file to compare your Route with others! – See all of the courses on the map!

Simple Splits

Attackpoint Splits

NOSOC & Classic Orienteering + Night-O @ Manatoc | Saturday 9/23


Join us at Camp Mantoc for classic orienteering as well as night orienteering later in the same day.

Camp Manatoc offers gently rolling landscapes, with plenty of reentrants, a dense trail system, and a few lakes and creek systems. It’s a great place to learn more about orienteering, or building speed for current skills. Continue reading “NOSOC & Classic Orienteering + Night-O @ Manatoc | Saturday 9/23”

Results | Classic Orienteering @ North Chagrin | Sunday SEPT 10


Hazel Barton and Fred Mailey reporting:

Wow!  The Weather was great!

Nice and cool weather for the event.  Good turnout for the Classic Courses in North Chagrin Reservation, part of the Cleveland Metropark System.  All the courses gave the participants a great tour of the parks wonderful facilities including the Nature Center, Sanctuary Marsh, Picnic areas, and the All Purpose and Bridle trails. Continue reading “Results | Classic Orienteering @ North Chagrin | Sunday SEPT 10”