Manatoc XC / Classic / Saturday September 17, 11:30AM – 1PM + Night-O at 6:30 PM

Enjoy beautiful Camp Manatoc, and run (or walk) the WHITE, YELLOW, ORANGE, GREEN, or RED courses. Camp Manatoc, and Camp Butler, offers a challenging but fun terrain, lakes and water features, and plenty of reentrants and spurs to navigate on. Littered with trails, the location is ideal for beginner as well as seasoned orienteers wanting to improve their skill.

Kenston XC / Campus Sprint / Saturday 20 August at 10 AM

Come run a quick campus, with interesting features including buildings, open paved areas, roads, wooded areas, and water features. Practice those map reading skills by selecting the best route in a limited area. Multiple options for most legs on Orange and above. White and Yellow courses for beginners, with instruction available. The area is very family friendly, with plenty of amenities, restrooms, and a playground for the kids.

Race Result / Canoe-O 2016 (aka Pirate-O)

Recap Canoe/Kayak Treasure Map Adventure Orienteering at Walborn Reservoir July 17, 2016 via Event Director Ivan Redinger… This has been a great event for some time. It continues to be a great event. With ongoing contributions from many of our club members and the spirit of cooperative enthusiasm, mixed with a hint of friendly competition,[…]

Mountainbike-O 2016

Sign up for Mountainbike-O 2016 – learn more about this event, and let us know you’re coming! This race has no course arrows or other markings. Competitors read a map to find checkpoints. The course is designed so that there are usually a number of route choices to each checkpoint. The map gives clues that will help make good route choices. An explanation of the colors and symbols on the sample map are given at the bottom of this page. Electronic timing will be used at this event! You will receive a printout of your split time for each checkpoint. Starts will be at one minute intervals. You will have the choice of an easier 3 mile race or a rugged 5+ miler.

Octagon Shelter XC / Twilight 6PM – 9PM

Choose from five courses ranging from 2.1 to 3.5 km. Course Designer, Steve Hendrix, kept them on the short side so you should be able to complete your twilight adventure before dark. Do we need flashlights? Decide for yourself, but a thick leaf canopy + forecast cloudiness + low sun angle could make it hard to read your map.