Race Results / Kenston XC / Campus Sprint / Saturday 20 August


Thank you to Andreas Johansson for once again inviting orienteering to the Kenston Schools campus and for pushing through his post-Lyme disease malaise to design, set and act as co-event director for the day.  We’d like to thank the other volunteers, Karen Steckner (starter/control collector), Guy Russ (registration/control collector), Fred Mailey (control collection), Bob Boltz (control collection), Sanae Rogers (control collection).  As always, we cannot conduct any events without volunteers like you.  So thank you.

The day was a warm, late summer day –at times cloudless and a bit humid but with something of a regular breeze, as demonstrated by the wind turbine that hummed steadily overheard.  The “track,” as Mark Stypczynski would say, was a bit moist in spots in the woods –a testament to the recent spate of rain that also served to green everything.  In these formidable conditions, four courses were offered: a Scout designed and set White Course; an Orange, Green and a Red course.  With the exception of the White course, each course borrowed liberally from common controls.  And, because of the confined area, courses also contained multiple crisscrosses –a feature that can contribute to the fun as participants can encounter each other racing to controls from all different directions, affording numerous ‘Hi’s and Bye’s.’ as orienteers skirt past.  And to keep participants guessing, even in tight quarters between controls, the general positioning of flags was low.  So you could occasionally be very near a control and not see it until you saw distinctly the land feature intended.  All in all, very well done.  We just wish more folks had come out to enjoy it.  But don’t worry… we’ll be back on the Kenston campus.  I can feel it.

Finally, there was one ‘Oops’ in the course setting –the boulder feature at #35.  Some got it and some didn’t.  But it was decided everyone should be credited with the control for giving it the old college try.

See you soon in the woods!

Co-event Director, Howard Montgomery


White course

  1 Johansson Family               17 minutes
  1 Guy Russ                       17 minutes
  3 Karen Steckner                 <20 minutes

ePunch Results
RED Course: 26 controls 5.2 km
  1 Randy Mitchell             NEO 56:03
  2 Steve Johnson                  70:46
  3 Bob Boltz                      70:50
  4 Gil Even                       81:05
  5 Steve Hughes                   91:10
  6 Fred Mailey                NEO 103:53
  7 Richard Davies                 122:25
  8 Neil Dolinger                  128:48

GREEN Course: 20 controls 4 km
  1 Andreas Johansson              40:20
  2 KJ Rufener                     84:32
  3 Sanae Rogers                   105:07

ORANGE Course: 13 controls 2.3 km
    Frank Mahne                    DNF    (missed 2nd Control - Control 52)

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