North Chagrin SCORE / Morning / Sunday August 14, 9AM – 1PM


Score Event – find as many controls as possible in a given time limit.


Registration at 9:30 AM
Mass Start at 10 AM – – – later starts until 11 AM
We need folks to take the flags down at 12:30.



  • Event Director: Mark Stypczynski
  • Course Designer: Sanae Rogers &¬†Howard Montgomery
  • Registrar: Kevin Peterca
  • Starter: ?
  • Timer: ?
  • Greeter: ?

Check the Volunteer Page to see how you can be of help!

Kenston XC / Campus Sprint / Saturday 20 August at 10 AM

Campus / Mixed Woods courses, featuring white, yellow, orange, green, red.


Come run a quick campus, with interesting features including buildings, open paved areas, roads, wooded areas, and water features. Practice those map reading skills by selecting the best route in a limited area. Multiple options for most legs on Orange and above. White and Yellow courses for beginners, with instruction available. The area is very family friendly, with plenty of amenities, restrooms, and a playground for the kids.

Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 5.13.36 PM


Registration starts at 10AM, with starts shortly after. Last start at 11:30AM – no exceptions.The course will feature the e-Punch system for Yellow, Orange, Green, and Red, with manual punching for the White course.


Kenston Local Schools
@ Timmons Elementary School
9595 E Washington St
Chagrin Falls Township, OH 44023


  • Event Director – Howard Montgomery
  • Course Design & Setter – Andreas Johansson
  • Registrar – Guy Russ
  • Starter –¬†Karen Steckner
  • e-Punch Guru – Fred Mailey