Mapping: 3D Laser Scans of Britain Reveal Ancient Roman Roads

For the past 18 years, the U.K.’s Environment Agency has used a remote sensing methodcalled LIDAR (short for Light Detection and Ranging) to scan and map 72 percent of England’s surface. The 3D terrain images are used to monitor changing coastlines and model floods. But the maps recently revealed something else: an exciting archaeological find. Within the images, experts spotted miles upon miles of ancient Roman roads that may date back as far as the first century CE. Click to read more…

Introduction to Orienteering @ Sippo Lake / 23 FEB 2016

Looking for a challenging and fun outdoor activity? Try Orienteering! Join Stark Parks for an introduction to this family of sports requiring the use of a map and compass to navigate from point to point through a variety of diverse and unfamiliar terrains. We’ll cover navigational techniques, orienteering lingo, and introduce you to ways in which you can participate in this fun, family friendly activity.