Location / Camp Manatoc

Camp Manatoc and Camp Butler are located within the Cuyahoga Valley National Park adjacent to the village of Peninsula, Ohio. The main enterance to Camp Manatoc is located off of Truxell Road. (1075 Truxell Road, Peninsula, OH 44264)

Map & Directions

Entrance & Parking Specifics


Camp Manatoc September 19 – Classic O / Cross Country

Join us for a classic orienteering event at the Camp Manatoc Scout Camp in Cuyahoga Valley on September 19, between 10 AM and 1 PM EST. The event is open to the public, and all are welcome.

Regular WHITE, YELLOW, ORANGE GREEN & RED courses with starts from 10:30 AM to 1 PM.

A 45 minute Night-O in SCORE format with a mass start at 7:30 PM. Register at 7 PM. Bring a flashlight with new batteries! Special fees for this shorter course: Members $3 / $5 non-members. Pre-printed course map of the central camp area! Score format means that you find as many controls in any order in a limited time. In this case, 45 minutes.

Come for one or both!
(control collectors welcome at 3 PM!!!)

We could use a couple of volunteers to help with the night-O registration and timing/scoring. You would be able to participate in the event.

Event Director: Ivan Redinger
Day Course Designers: Tim Feaser & Steve Wells
Night Course Designer: Bob Boltz
Registrar: KathyJo Rufener
Starter and Timer: Scout volunteers!

Registration Time: 10 AM, with starts at 10:30 AM – 1 PM

Format: Cross Country / Classic Orienteering

Standard fee – Members: $5.00 Non-members: $10.00


Entrance & Parking Specifics


Kendall Lake September 5 – Classic O / The Python Goat

Fun format on a brand new map of the Kendall Lake area.

About the Python

Boulder Bob has created a new Kendall map starting with new contour lines and aerial photos. After that, more than 250 hours have gone into field checking of every nook and cranny of this wonderful section of the CVNP.

Bob wanted to be the first to design courses for this map so that participants could explore areas that have seen little use over the years. All of the old rootstocks have rotted away. Huge new ones have appeared! Streams have changed their course. Would you believe there are 154 boulders and 84 giant rootstocks?

Now for the fun part! To commemorate the 1944 story of the escaped python from a circus in Peninsula, this event will be called the Python Goat. A Goat features a mass start and a pre-printed map. Right before the start whistle, the event director will announce how many controls you are allowed to skip. You can’t skip consecutive controls.

Normally, following is against the rules of orienteering, but for a Goat, following is not only allowed, but actually encouraged. However, if the person you are following somehow disappears, you might find yourself with a big bowl of LOST if you don’t keep track of where you are on the map. Route choice and which controls you decide to skip play a big role in how long it takes to finish.

Course Information

In addition to the customary White Course, you will have the choice of three Goat groups: Pigmy Goat 4 km, Nanny Goat 6km and the Python Goat 10 km. We will keep the groups separate at the mass start, so you can see who you are running with.

Registration & Event Location

Registration at 9. White course opens at 9:30 AM. Mass Goat start at 10 AM sharp. If you get there late, you can still do one of the courses as long as you finish by 2 PM. Or, volunteer to go out and help with control collection.

Director – Matt Muffett
Designer – Bob Boltz
Registrar – Phil Wadsworth.
Starter – Andreas Johansson

There are Goat loving folks coming in from SW Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Canada for this event. Join the fun!

Start Time: 9 AM

Format: Cross Country / Python Goat / Classic Orienteering

Standard fee: Members: $5.00 Nonmembers: $10.00

Location: Kendall Lake Park, Peninsula OH

Satellite photo of where to park, and meet.

Kendal Lake Photo


If you have a question about the Kendall event, please use the following address: maps4fun@att.net